Thank you for teaching me the definition of unconditional love. Thank you for your patience,

understanding and transparency.

Thank you for your encouragement.

I finally see myself the way you always saw me

Yours truly

Bint tony 🌹


My first blog stop!


I have finally made a BLOG!!

Guys, I have been wanting to do this for such a long time (for myself).
I was always to worried about what people might say about me…. NOW, i wonder…. WTF people gotta say about me!!


I have always wanted to blog my thoughts and views on a lot of things that important to me.

 | blogging about things I love |


| doing something I love|

 I hope you will enjoy/tolerate my blogging/posts.
I’ve been on Instagram for a while, it’s really the only way I have been putting my posts other.
Not much but it’s a start.
Hope to write more about myself and my unconventional life.
(I’ll explain that more later). 



bint tony sign


26226405_393796307736642_7684578635876925440_n(1) I went to visit my Grandmother (Gida). Every time I go to visit her I always beat myself up over not coming often enough. I’m honestly still grateful to even have her in my life. she is just like my mother…. I mean my mother is just like her. she has the kindest sweetest heart i have ever come across. Her stories are so funny, sad, joyous, heartbreaking. but she has gone through it and still is here to tell her stories.. God Bless her soul. I have to thank her. she gives the BEST advice. AlHamdilillah.